My Plan

  • Getting vital funding for our schools

    The Welsh Labour Government continues to severely underfund Education here in Flintshire.  In Wales we receive £645 less per pupil then in England.  As a former Governor I know that our schools rely on vital funding.  I will lobby the Welsh Labour Government to ensure that the extra funding provi

  • Making our NHS work for all

    For the last 20 years our Welsh NHS has been run by the Welsh Labour Government in Cardiff.  The Conservative Government in Westminster is providing £1.2 billion for the Welsh Government to invest in the NHS and I will press for this to be spent on vital frontline health services in North Wales.

  • Backing the North Wales Growth Deal

    The recently signed multi-million pound North Wales Growth Deal will help create new jobs and investment to our area.  I will work with the Government to ensure that local business see the benefits of funding to create jobs and prosperity across our area.

  • Improving local transport links

    Local communities across Delyn rely on vital bus and rail services.  I am campaigning for increased investment in the transport links and infrastructure so that journeys are easier and more convenient.  Helping local people get to where they need when they need to.

  • Fighting for Fairer Funding

    Flintshire receives some of the lowest funding in Wales from the Welsh Labour Government in Cardiff and our Labour council has imposed a huge council tax increase of 8.75%. This has hit low income households the hardest and I will campaign for a fairer settlement for Flintshire.

  • Get Brexit Done

    In the EU referendum 54% of Delyn voters backed leave.  We must honour the result of the referendum and I’m backing the Prime Minister’s great new deal to get Brexit done and move on together to tackle the challenges facing our communities.