Speeches in Parliament

Rob Speaks in the Opposition Day Tax Avoidance Debate

Today I spoke in the Opposition Day debate on tax avoidance.

The debate, which was hardly attended by members of the opposition, allowed me to express my views on how convoluted and unnecessarily unfair our tax system is.

You can view my full, subtitled, speech above.

Home Office Questions

Today I asked the Home Secretary what could be done to ensure that offenders are being brought to justice in a timely manner.


Rob Roberts Conservative, Delyn

Rob Speaks in the Agricultural Bill Debate

Today I spoke on the Government's Agriculture Bill (2019-2020). I firmly believe that the bill will introduce a fairer and more sustainable farming industry for the UK.

Unfortunately, I was cut off...however, my full speech will be uploaded below soon.

Work and Pension Questions 27/01/2020

Today I asked a question in Work and Pensions Questions regarding benefit entitlement awareness.


Rob Roberts Conservative, Delyn

Asking the Education Secretary about access to T-Levels in Wales.

Today I asked the Education Secretary about whether he as been in talks with the Welsh Government to extend the T-Level programme to Wales.


Rob Roberts Conservative, Delyn

Question 12 Sir.

Gavin Williamson The Secretary of State for Education

Making my Maiden Speech

Words cannot express how honoured I am to be elected to represent the Delyn Constituency, a seat in which I grew up.

Above you can watch my maiden speech where I promise to represent my constituents to the best of my ability at all times.