MP’s respond to a Daily Mail article about public sector caterers reducing meat on their menus

Rob Roberts, Member of Parliament for Delyn joins forces with other MPs to respond to a miss leading article in the Daily Mail.

On the 16th April a Daily Mail article reported that public sector caterers claimed reducing meat in their menus by 20% would help address Climate Change.  However, Rob and his colleagues have penned a letter which outlines that the issue is far more complex than this and that the carbon impact of food, whether meat or vegetables, depends on its method of production.

Red meat produce in the UK is amongst the most sustainable in the world and our farmers operate well manage livestock farming outfits that deliver important benefits to our environment.

Mr Roberts commented:

“Farming plays such a massive part of Delyn life and that of the wider community, it concerned me to see the article in the Daily Mail, as it did with colleagues in rural constituencies around the country. 

“We penned this letter to help them understand just how vital the agricultural sector is in the UK and to show how we are willing and able to stand up for our farmers to ensure that the amazing work that they have always done and continue to do is recognised and valued.”


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