Rob Roberts MP launches a COVID-19 factsheet for every household

Every household in Delyn will be receiving a factsheet containing important information in relation to COVID-19 over the coming week.

The factsheet includes important Government information about self-isolation, social distancing, who to contact if you need help, how to register to volunteer to help others, how to avoid being scammed, and it includes key contact numbers. Copies of the spreadsheet will be made available on Rob’s social media channels and a PDF version is available to print on his website.

Rob has said:

There is such a lot of different information in the public domain about our ongoing battle against COVID-19 I thought it would be helpful to pull UK information, Welsh information and local information together in such a way as to capture the parts of the advice that constituents have been in touch about the most.

One of the most important things however is the way that so many different parts of the community have come together to help the elderly and vulnerable with shopping, prescriptions and other essentials. Challenging times have a tendency to bring out the best in communities banding together and I’ve been delighted but not surprised at the reaction of the people of Delyn.

I encourage anyone who is able to get in touch with my office on the details in the leaflet to volunteer to assist, and also (most importantly) to get in touch if you are in need of that help. It is important to continue to follow the guidance around social distancing, hand-washing and staying in your homes unless in very specific circumstances. What we are doing IS working, and we need to continue to follow the medical and scientific advice to make sure we can beat this virus and get back to some semblance of normality on the other side.



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